Principality Healthcare is a full stack healthcare equipment supply chain and services organisation. We supply, service and support our distributors and facilities. In addition, we provide a number of exclusive healthcare products from our equipment manufacturers of the highest quality standards.

The company is led from a dynamic team in Australia with partnerships in locations across the globe. We are providing essential services to the supply chain and working for network of distributors, retailers, manufacturers and service partners so others can better focus on delivering patient outcomes and providing access to high quality medical equipment products across our region.

Company History

The company was founded as a healthcare equipment maintenance provider based in Kalgoorlie during 2008. Since 2011, it has become a well established organisation aligned with several healthcare & medical equipment manufacturers in the United Kingdom, France, United States of America and the Netherlands.

Principality Healthcare has associated itself with strategic and experienced direct line manufacturers who focus on clinical evidence and well executed Research and Development (R&D) in producing differential solutions to the end user whilst maintaining an economical value chain. Our innovative business model allows us to be agile and rapid with changes whilst allowing business as usual even during fluctuating market conditions.

In 2015 the company strengthened its international presence and expanded its Australian distribution base. In 2017 we established New Zealand interests and we grew our network in Australia.

Moving into 2020, Principality Healthcare now have over 15 brands represented and more than 30 distributors and retailers. We have also introduced over 400 service dispatch locations for our our demand technicians and adopted several more service offerings.


We are committed to protecting the environment through the NSW EPA Bin-trim program and utilisation of technology. In addition, we are an Australia wide registered NDIS provider (Provider number 4050017711). ISO:9001 was adopted in 2019 and the company is governed by a board of directors and a quality management system.

Awards & Memberships

Principality Healthcare has been awarded several state and department tenders for medical equipment supplies due to the high quality and compliance of the products represented. These contracts are managed by the company and delivered by its network of distributors across Australia & New Zealand. Our company is also a member of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering Australia.

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