Principality Healthcare are an approved provider to state government contracts, nursing home organisations and national NDIS and My Aged Care provider. For more information please login in to our client portal.

Principality healthcare

Principality Healthcare supplies patient care and rehabilitation equipment to both private and government hospitals and healthcare facilities across Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2017 Principality Healthcare have been successful in providing and delivering British and Western European assistive technology to healthcare organisations across the ANZ territory. Principality Healthcare have been able to accomplish this through a strategically deliverable distributor network managing fixed term commercial contracts across the country.

We are currently approved equipment and service providers for NDIS, Healthshare NSW, South Australia Health, HSS (Health Support Systems (Western Australia Health), Amana Living and Southern Cross Care WA with other supply agreements for other health care organisations.

Our unique product and service lines are certified, tested, ISO compliant and resonate well with patients and practitioners in hospitals. These market leading products are readily available in Australia have undergone rigorous testing and redevelopment improvement processes across the NHS in the UK and healthcare facilities across Europe to make the equipment effective for both the care giver and patient during its application.

Principality Healthcare is a Nationally Registered NDIS Provider across all states and territories of Australia. We assist NDIA Managed NDIS plan managed and self managed participants to access our assistive technology, repairs, maintenance and home modifications through their approved plans.

Principality Healthcare utilises a network of distributors and healthcare professionals from support coordinators to builders to technicians to occupational therapists to assist you with your NDIS requirements.

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