Principality Healthcare Brands

Several companies supply Principality Healthcare Brands with innovative, unique and high quality products. Available products for Australia and New Zealand can be found here or on the individual Brand pages.


Benmore Medical

Benmor Medical

Benmor Medical has been Supporting Bariatric Care since 1996 and in addition, was the first company in the UK specialising in bariatric patient handling equipment.

As pioneers in the rental market for bariatric equipment, we introduced a total bariatric rental solution. This allowed customers to rent a bariatric bed, chair, hoist, commode and also wheelchair as one package which is now available in Australia and NZ

In addition, our company has a well established reputation in the UK bariatric sector. This has been achieved by providing excellent 24/7 customer service, supported also by British made innovative products to be reciprocated in Australasia.

Logo - Oral Care Innovations

Oral Care Innovations

Innovative Oral Care

New to the care and medical fields, the MC3 is a medical implement for the cleansing of mucilage from oral cavities. Replacing other products which have been banned by some National Health Boards, the MC3 is a safe and effective way to apply care.

Specialising in One Area

We concentrate on what we know best – Oral Care. Working closely with Health Professionals, and Care-givers at every point.

MouthEze / MC3

The innovative cone-shaped head and smooth rounded filaments soothe the soft tissues when cleansing the oral mucosa – and by applying a rotating action MouthEze/MC3 can collect debris as it cleans.

MouthEze/MC3 is a medical device for use in delivering safe mouth care. It is suitable for use in hospitals, care and nursing homes, and hospices. Community health and social service teams can also see the benefits, as can dental practices.

Who can use MouthEzeMC3?

* Any healthcare professional including carers supporting older people who may be living with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and age related conditions.

* Those who support patients in hospital and community care settings which include patients with neurological conditions, cancer therapy patients.

* People with learning disabilities and patients in specialised intensive care units.

* Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists to orally desensitise a person who has become averse to brushing their teeth.



Roma Medical

Founded in 1970, Roma Medical is considered to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of mobility and rehabilitation products, which are sold through a network of distributors throughout the UK and over 25 countries worldwide.

Roma Medical has long been known for manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of bathing, showering, toileting and homecare aids and appliances.

Now operating in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, Roma Medical can offer the traditional high quality hallmarks of British Engineering at a competitive price to the Oceania market.

Roma Sport Equipment

Roma Sport

Roma Sport specialises in high performance sports and active wheelchairs. The portfolio consists of a series of made to measure and club/generic products that offer both athletes and active users wheelchairs that excel in design and performance.

Since Roma’s introduction to the disabled sports industry we have continued with our objective to produce the best sports and active rigid chair equipment through innovation, out of the box thinking and high quality components.

Our Goal is to produce wheelchairs that find solutions to problems that athletes and active chair users are experiencing with the aim of producing the best chair in their class.

Roma Sport is the definition of the transfer between Intelligent Engineering and competitive sport.


Scaleo Medical

Scaleo Medical

SCALEO Medical invents, develops and manufactures innovative products in the fields of patient transfer and hygiene, respiratory and medical weighing equipment.

We are committed to helping our patients by developing safer and more effective products for more specialized care.

We want to highlight quality products and references that will convince by their efficiency and reliability.

We are committed to putting all our knowledge and our energy to work for reduced mobility or respiratory failure patients, to help them improve their lives and living conditions.

Together we build the future.

Seers Medical Equipment

Seers Medical

SEERS Medical was established in 2008 by two former Akron directors with over 50 years combined experience in the medical equipment industry, in particular the R&D, manufacture and worldwide sales of examination and treatment couches. This experience and extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry enables SEERS Medical to tailor product design to meet specific customer needs and drives product development.

The SEERS Medical range also includes patient transport trolleys, medical and office seating and home care beds. Our target is to provide high quality, ergonomically designed products, improve the quality of patient care within the global healthcare market and provide moving and handling solutions to all clinical staff. Innovative and cost-effective designs, a highly motivated production, marketing and distribution organisation are the key dynamics for SEERS Medical’s growth and success. We are committed to providing a value proposition with cost competitive quality products, top level value added service and technical support to all our customers, whilst ensuring our operations have minimal detrimental effect upon local and global environments.





Sumed is dedicated to the healing and maintenance of healthy skin. Sumed has over 30 years experience in pressure area care, working closely with clinicians and carers to promote pressure relieving solutions and improve patients’ quality of life.

Sumed are committed to continually improving quality and product performance and always strive to develop and introduce cost effective innovative solutions for our customers.

Sumed’s portfolio includes a wide variety of branded cushions and mattress options for all levels of risk including therapeutic use and also supply the revolutionary X-sensor interface pressure mapping system.

Sumed also provide a variety of Wound Care Products Ciltech scar management gel and silicone sheets.


Vitility Equipment


Vitility is the supplier of products that make everyday life easier and more pleasant. Our products are well thought-through comfortable and also have smart designs. In addition, our products provide great ease of use and independence to our customers.

In our wide range you will find products to help with standing up, showering, preparing food and also walking, for example. All so that you can remain as active and independent as possible. We can’t always make your life easy, but we promise we will make it easier. All day, everyday.

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Since 1988, SYST’AM® is recognized in the fields of the therapeutic and the medical comfort as designer and manufacturer of an extended range of medical equipment.

VELA Medical VELA Medical

Specialised Chairs for the 
Healthcare Industry

  • Support the specific needs of the department
  • Contribute to efficient examinations and treatments
  • Promote a good working position